Public Speaking

Over the years, Annette has spent a great deal of time reflecting on her own life experiences, her professional (human) experiences, as well as her experiences with the animal world. This combined with her abilities as an educator, have enabled her to exercise wonderful gifts of public speaking in various areas.

She is happy to speak to groups about:

  • Holistic living for humans as well as for animals. Her presentations in this area can be tailored to the particular needs of the audience, but include wisdom from her field of Chiropractic Holistic health and nutrition and much more.
  • The Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic. Her presentations can include historical perspectives but more importantly recent and future developments.
  • She has gained great expertise in the area anatomy and neurology.  She is particularly happy to speak about this in relationship to animals, in particular canine and equine anatomy.

“I enjoy educating people about the science and philosophy of chiropractic and its ongoing benefits for the animals in their lives.” – Dr. Annette Langlois

Her ability to engage her audience means that she can offer these areas to professionals as well as animal caregivers and anyone who is interested in holistic living for themselves and for their animal friends.

Looking to book a session? Visit the Contact page to let Annette know what you’d like her to speak about.

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