Dog Chiropractic

Our dogs… Our best friends, our companions. Committing to sharing our lives with a dog is lifelong. We are responsible for all aspects of their well-being.

You can choose Dog Chiropractic to be an integral part of that well-being along with other important health team members.

If you are familiar with the science of Chiropractic, you already know that it is not possible for a spine to be “out of place”. The focus of Chiropractic is to help restore function through a “reboot” of the nervous system. And of course, the nervous system controls every function. Improper nervous system firing can lead to functional changes such as:

  • a change in overall well-being
  • a change in behaviour and attitude
  • a change in performance in their work/sport
  • changes in movement
  • pain and discomfort

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