Meg Robinson

Dundas native, Dr. Meg Robinson graduated cum laude from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College after receiving her Master of Science degree from the University of Guelph and her Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from McMaster University. She then went on to pursue her passion and completed studies at the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre to become a Certified Animal Chiropractor.  She has also completed basic training in Canine Massage through US agility team animal massage therapist Ken Bain.  

Dr. Robinson began competing in dog sports at a very early age.  As a teen, when she wasn’t playing sports herself, she spent her weekends at local agility trials and flyball tournaments . Since that time she has competed nationally and internationally with her border collies Swift and Sense.  This has given her significant experience and understanding both as a dog trainer and competitor. Dr. Robinson’s passion for canine fitness, wellness and performance is what led to her focus on addressing canine mechanical issues to optimize function for both family pets and competitive canine athletes. Dr. Robinson believes that all dogs, from puppies to well loved geriatric companions, deserve to feel their best.

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